Famous Quote

"When I rest I rust"

- Fritz Thyssen

Mel is often asked to tell this funny but true story about often times seeing a group of men playing cards, and smoking cigarettes like movie stars. He was about eight years of age and curiosity led him to roll a piece of newspaper in the form of a cigarette which he lighted and mayhem followed with flames that almost destroyed a small plot of his grandmother's sugar cane. After the flames were put out, she called him by her side and said in a non-angrily manner " the devil always find work for idle hands so always find useful things to do". And thankfully, he took her words of wisdom to heart and soon after that incident, started writing on every piece of paper found.

This prompted his father to say to his mother "I cannot keep a piece of paper around this house before this boy writes something on it". He once wrote on one of his father's prepared Sunday sermons without an angry word from his father. At the age of fifteen, he began writing song lyrics and submitting them without the knowledge of his deeply religious father to Song Writers Associates, a company then located in New York even when he could not have afforded the postage. He much later became a member of Song Writers Association of Canada based in Toronto formerly BMI.

His career path started off as a Police officer at the age of nineteen and later after moving to Canada, he attended George Brown College in a Protection Security Services program and through that program, he obtained a Private Investigator's license. He was much later introduced to the insurance business by a friend and started out as a Life Only Agent. Then he passed a General Insurance Agent's exam, and lastly the Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario's exam. He spent over twenty five years in all areas of the insurance business.

After retirement, he sold furniture, signed up for acting roles with a Toronto agent who soon recommended him to audition for the role of Detective Leroy Parker - Forensic Factor TV series based on a real life Florida detective and case. He has also completed four study programs including philosophy as a mature student. He believes that no one should place limits on what they can achieve in life and that no one knows what awaits them in the future but they can learn from the past. It is important however, to believe in self always.